• Reasons InSinkErator Excel is the Best Garbage Disposal

    By / November 12, 2015 / Kitchen

    Installing a new garbage disposal? Pick up an InSinkErator Evolution Excel and we promise you will not regret it. We’ve installed, tested, and used plenty of disposals over the years and we haven’t seen anything better made than the Excel.

    Reasons we think the Excel is the best garbage disposal ever made:

    1. Maximum insulation – The Excel is the quietest garbage disposal we’ve ever installed. It features multi-layers of insulation housed in a stainless steel body. There are also rubber fittings on the connecting parts that get rid of counter vibration. In the past you couldn’t even have a conversation in the kitchen when the disposer was turned on. You cannot wake up a baby with this thing if you tried!

    2. Powerful – This garbage disposer has a 1.0 horsepower motor. It will chew through a lot, even the stuff you were told never to put in a disposer. It will be more than enough power for most people and we would even argue that it would be enough for small businesses or restaurants that need to dispose of a fair amount of food scrap regularly.

    3. Jam-free – Inside the disposer there are sensors that detect friction. If the machine feels something is tight inside, it will increase torque and break through the friction. You won’t hear it working, but you know it does when you never experience a jam again.

    4. Long Warranty – The InSinkErator Evolution Excel comes with a 7-year warranty. This warranty includes free in-home service. You are entitled to free parts and labor by InSinkErator’s professionally trained agents.

    5. Stylish – Although this will depend on the person, we think the Excel is the most beautiful garbage disposal ever put together. The stainless steel body is popular with people who wish to have a modern look to match their kitchen and other stainless steel appliances. The part that peers through the sink hole where you insert food scraps is also very elegant looking. So even if you don’t always look under your kitchen sink, the mouth will definitely give your sink a nice look.

    By using the Excel you will understand why we think it’s the best garbage disposal. Sometimes it’s hard to compare actual performance on paper. But even if you compare Garbage Disposal Reviews & Best Picks, you will see why the Excel surpasses other disposers on all aspects. We know you will not be disappointed with this product.

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